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Please select length. If used outdoors, connection plugs, control box and wires will still need to be weather proofed. Each system will come with the number of rolls that you select a wireless RF remote control box and enough power supplies/converters which allows you to plug directly into a standard 110V (volt) wall outlet. We will also send you all the connectors and or wires that you need to do a standard hookup of each system.

Please note that Crazy Lights have a 30 day returns policy and 90 day warranty. We recommend that you do not cut any of the Crazy Lights we carry unless absolutely necessary, as cutting them will void the returns policy and warranty. You can overlap the lights and set the controller to only turn on a certain length of lights so cutting is usually not necessary. Our trademarked Crazy Lights are only compatible with Crazy Lights purchased from us. Do not attempt to connect any other types of lights to our Crazy Lights unless it is more Crazy Lights purchased from us. Doing so will void returns policy and warranty. It is important to test the lights completely before removing the tape backing or cutting them should cutting be absolutely necessary.

Create multiple colors
132 different patterns
100 speed settings
Pause Button

Cuttable every 4 inches. However, it is better NOT to cut these at all and just let the controller know what length of lights to turn on.

If you select CRAZY LIGHTS that are encased in a soft, flexible silicone sleeve and want to use them outdoors, you must waterproof any connection or any place where wires are going into the crazylights. You can do this by using clear silicone sealant.

The buyer of this item receives everything that is needed to make the CRAZY LIGHTS work right out of the box. When buying odd amounts or rolls of crazy lights it will be assumed that you are only going to use one output on the controller and you will be sent everything that is needed to hook up on one side only. You can use both outputs on the controller but to make sure the lights work correctly you must hook up an even amount of lights to each side of the controller. When buying even amounts of lights you will be sent everything that is needed to hook up the lights on both outputs.

The only extra item you may or may not need and is not included with this order is the 40" female to male lead. This lead is only used to put spacing in between rolls of lights if that is needed based on your design. This is not needed to make the lights work and should only be ordered based on your design needs.


    * SMD 5050 LED 150pcs
    * Colors: RGB mixed
    * Length: 5 meters
    * Width: 14mm
    * Thick: 3mm
    * Voltage: 12V DC
    * Power: 7.2 watts or 0.6 amps  per meter or 3.3 feet.
    * 30 leds per meter
    * plastic lips for fix
    * Viewing angle:120 degree
    * Life Span: 50000 hours


1x RF Controller
1x Remote
The number of rolls that are ordered
The number of power supplies that are needed to opperate the number of rolls of lights that are ordered. A 3 amp power supply will be sent if only one roll is ordered. 6 Amp power supplies will be sent with all other orders.


    * Architectural Lighting    
    * Bar, Club Lighting    
    * Theater, Store or Restaurant  
    * Home and Car DIY lighting.


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